One Nation

Written by: Mike Concise

One Nation.
8 social class groups; 
63 million people; 
50,000 millionaires; and 
100,000 homeless. 
One Nation.

One Nation.
Two parliaments; two assemblies 
6 mainstream parties; 
650 MPs; (27 ethnic minorities MPs); but
35% of the population never voted. 
One Nation

One Nation 
14 million children; 25,000 schools
7% of pupils are in private school;
31% of MPs attended private school; but 
3.5 million kids are still in poverty 
One Nation. 

One Nation
134 Prisons
90,000 Prisoners
145,000 Police officers; but
1,000 deaths in police custody without one conviction. 

One Britain; 
One Nation?

Mike Concise © 2015

Note: The political idea of One Nation in British politics was coined by Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881) and used by countless politicians since, to refer the duty owed by the 'better off' to help those less well endowed and fortunate. That irrespective of     class, Britian should not be two nations of rich and the poor, but rather one, united society.