Written by: louis brown

I thank the Lord from Sunday to Sunday,
The sun's shining today & I hear no gun play,
See I used to stand tall
with my back against the wall
but now it's only one way, [ Jesus' ] 

See I detoured from the dead end streets,
I'm equipped with Bible knowledge now
so I'm putting distractions under my feet,

I say to self, if it's evil
then I'm passing it by,
I've seen too many people
walking by the caskets & cry,
looking up and they're asking HIM why,

See we all felt these pains & it hurts,
Too many soldiers with their faces
and hood names on a shirt,
See when The Messiah came to this earth,

He was on a special mission,
He had some stop paying taxes 
some stop fishin',
We were blessed with a Great Leader
and 12 guys who played their positions,

They followed Our Shepherd and dispensed the gospel,
the lives of Jesus and his apostles,
were excepted in some places
but some places were hostile,

BUt with Lords will the mission was completed,
He shed blood on Calvary
and the devil was defeated,

and our sins were washed away,
and I thank him for this day,