What Dreams Are Made Of

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

A simple scene a nestling seeks the comfort of the night
to lay enthralled, engrossed,  in memories of past days,
the nectar drawn from rivulets that run past blackened lash.

A lidded eye roves left, then right, as if it’s been betrayed
a corner tick, a slight knee twitch, odd choices now made.
The blanket once a comforter now twists so very tight.

A falling dream, a horrid scream, yet no land's in sight.
Bloodless body, writhe, heave, callout, nobody's home
your casing calls, umbilicus, umbilicus, reel me down.

A flying lift of breeze ‘neath hips, a lofting, oh so, high, 
brings soul to ground with sighing sound within the dream,
entranced, aroused, the coming light, the end of night, wake.

First Published in Sweet Dreams and Night Terrors 2013