Political Quagmire

Written by: Debra Squyres

Unquestionably, a marked reaction 
is better than withholding all action
Factoring in, of course, the distractions
created by pie-chart wielding factions

Sharing the wealth in minute fractions
while gathering corporate pie rations
without any equal sliced transactions
has become to most an awakened distraction

The laborers pie is sliced way to thin
appeased by slogans, needed votes to win
a smiling face says “Hey, things will change!
Just vote me in and I’ll help rearranged!"

When appealing to a government levy
national debt has crushed the helping Chevy
Sorry, Mr., Ms. and Mrs. American Pie,
we’ve burned the crust and the fruit is dry 

You see… humble pie is no longer served
nor meek pie for the poor, deserved
That safety pie we once all adored
now litters a congressional pie-faced floor

© Debra Squyres