No Place To Lay My Head

Written by: Joyce Johnson

My new husband was a farm boy

who didn't like to roam.

It always took a lot of nagging

to get him to leave home.

But we were newly married,

I hadn't learned all of his dislikes.

I imagined us as travelers

who'd be going on big hikes.

So I was unaware of his sacrifice,

when he asked if I'd like to go

to the Exposition in Vancouver.

He probably hoped I would say no.

But I was more than willing

to go on a short vacation,

and it was more appealing since

we'd be in another nation.

We left early Saturday morning

to drive the one hundred miles.

When I thought of all the fun to come,

I could not hold back the smiles.

The closer we got to Vancouver

and our final destination,

my husband got more nervous

about the thick traffic congestion.

He drove right to the fairgrounds,

and didn't stop at our hotel.

I thought he did it to please me

and perhaps it was just as well.

There were so  many great attractions,

we didn't know what to visit first,

and we ate so many exotic foods

I thought we would truly burst.

In the late part of the afternoon,

I said,  "If you don't mind,

I'd like to go to our hotel now."

"You're right," my man opined.

"They'll probably be filling soon.

we better go and lasso one."

I knew he must be joshing me,

just trying to have some fun.

He kept driving by the nice hotels

with signs "No Vacancy".

He drove on and on and on until

it really frightened me.

"You didn't make a reservation?  

I can't believe that's really true.

We'll have no bed to sleep in.

What ever will we do?"

He kept on driving quietly.

Motel rooms had all been filled.

Although it had been a hot day,

I now was feeling chilled.

We were in a dingy part of the city

and were starting to turn around

when he saw a sign that promised

a vacancy would be found. 

The registration desk was manned

by a man in an undershirt.

"Money first", he said before showing the room.

I felt like a piece of dirt.

"I think it's a flop house," my husband said.

I didn't like that term.

I though of rats and bed bugs and

it really made me squirm.

There was no way I'd get in that bed.

I chose a big leather chair.

With little to say, my husband laid down.

He was too tired to care.

I knew not what occurred in other rooms,

I heard footsteps and showers.

But you won't be surprised I know to hear,

Nothing at all would happen in ours.