Written by: Suraj Grover

Working from morning till the noon,
Outside the house under the sky blue,
To earn the leisure and comforts of life,
With friends, family and beloved wife.

Is this the real world We always dreamt of?
Or the trending lifestyle we want to get on? 
Is earning more money the only way?
For happiness in life all the way?

Mother's and father's day and night,
In offices and meetings tedious yet alright,
Children's care is postponed in this,
On '' tomorrow ''  that is always amiss. 

Everyone is always in such a hurry, 
No time for proper&healthy food,
A sudden sneeze and off to bed,
With pills and tablets no good.

Who really cares about the old?
The one who brought us up,
"Admitted" in some old-age home,
Because now they always "interrupt". 

What happened to the family time? 
The togetherness of the siblings?
Busy schedule ate all of it,
The fun and the bonding with it! 

Is promotion so important?
Or the ranks that we obtain?
Is post everything that matters?
And position with it we gain?

Do we ever ask ourselves?
What is the treasure of life?
Money, status, luxuries?
Or happiness and sharing alike?
Have we forgotten our own jewels?
The love of family and friends?
Have we lost the precious parents?
In our relatively living trends? 

We have to know the truth now, 
About what we are to become,
A money crazed machine? 
Or a caring dad, husband and son?
Open yourself from the blindfold,
And take a step to pace,
To recognize the treasure we already have,
And make world a better place!