STAY little flower

Written by: Bart Jonas

                                                    Stay little Flower
                                                   Open your petal to the air
                                                    Find me with your Sweet tiny Perfume
                                                    Allow the light that I have into your little Room
                                                    Do not Wilt away
                                                    Live inside with Me in your own Heartfelt way
                                                    The Sun would Shine
                                                    Heaven would take back her Rain of Mine
                                                    Stormy weather to pause until another space do time
                                                    YOU SEE ME
                                                    I NEED YOU
                                                    An auteur of Poetry such as I
                                                    Needs to love in your Garden
                                                    One More kiss before my lisps say goodbye
                                                    Share it with Me
                                                    The Air that you breathe
                                                    and a Song that continues
                                                    Her verses never really leave
                                                    Hold on together
                                                    When at last,we will float away like a Feather
                                                    Into the Cloud and Black Hole without
                                                    holding on to the last piece of tether
                                                    MY ETERNAL BRETHREN and Sisters