Dark Nights

Written by: April Jones

I hear Laughter mocking the bruises on my face
I see heads shake out of the corner of my eye
As i walk on my the fingers pointing at me
To judge the one they see but do not know
But i laugh
Because they were expecting this quiet little girl
That's high up in a tower waiting for her Prince Charming to come around
Hair so long that it touch the ground
But  what they failed to realize is that i am not Rapunzel
I am not expecting a "Fairy Tale Ending"Maybe next time around
Because Happily ever after are not real they don't exist
Maybe because i can't forget What life is about
Don't get me wrong i Don't got it all figured out
I'm young but best believe i am not blind
i can't pretend i have already seen the horrible bits and pieces and it is filled with a bunch of little men
But let me began by saying I hate that fact that woman are expect to do anything for love
That four letter word is enough to make a woman forgive a man for putting his hand on her
I know it is enough because it was enough for me
When my boyfriend smack me down to the concrete ground
And i saw my blood
My blood everywhere 
For expressing my feeling over something that wasn't important so basically over nothing
Then he used the words I Love you
The same way my dad used to when it was me he was about to loose
And i stood up and I said " you know what Baby it is okay "while i wiped the blood off my face
Now i bet your calling me dumb or stupid right now but let me explain before you go pointing your finger to judge
Thought out my child hood starting at the age of three
this is all i seen hands coming flying at me
Everyone one was there but no one was there to speak when i was a little three year old girl getting beat
But still no one spoke when i was 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 or even 12
I was the on to speak when i was thirteen
And now i stand right here at age fifteen to tell you woman abuse is NOT okay even if that is how you were raised
Woman are not punching bags we are your equals and that is how you should treat us
Not like the scum off the bottom of you shoes
And if you choose to i will do the same to you as the hand that smacked me down and the people laughing, Commenting, and judging
Say Thanks for your ignorance 
people like you is why i stand here today
And i will not left my voice fade away behind your laughing,commenting, and judging 
Your strength should be in the words that you speak
And even though words may cut deep at least you will not see the scars that you see on me