Dragon Griffin

Written by: Patrycjusz Kopec

At the edge of the world shooting stars will make you feel
Completely and utterly surreal 
And hopeful

Its majesty
The fact that it can influence destiny
Is based on the fact that it can see
Numbers that are not only bigger but also don’t come back to infinity

Neural electric realigning system greatest increase it can form
Would be like a mental storm
Perhaps what we call miracles it would perform
Or see the beauty of place where divine roam

But if at base one can think about system that to none numerical value would come back
What kind of immortal realm this system could reach in its track
With its ever-growing abyss piercing ability, of power there would be no lack
But truer freeing of the soul would be nirvana where nothing one would holdback

He has wings body of a lion tail of a dragon head is like lion baboon and scorpion fish
He can grant any wish
But on top of that he can free soul to be perfectly realized without a single blemish
And all the problems and limitations in one stroke vanquish 

He is dragon griffin and he is master of philosophy
And destiny
Somewhere in the out world he will be
But sometimes he is on Earth when this realm he wishes to see

He travels with the summer and autumn breeze 
In a place of meeting of destinies' seas
At their omega point or highest degrees
Guiding the soul on the greatest of journeys