Baby I Love you

Written by: Star Light

As this man came
Waltzing into my life
Sweetness as ever
Say all the right words
without a doubt...

His Love beholding 
Ever so True..
Singing unto me..
Sweet Love songs
Love within grows strong

as Within His heart 
Love tis he beholds
For me... 
as tis Love unfolds
within for him...

As he held my hand
his eyes gaze.. tis Hazel.. 
with a touch of blue
Love beholding 
Sunshine ever so bright

As his heart spoke
                             Baby.. I Love you..
I want you to be mine...
Forever within this life.. 
beyond time...
As Tears came from within
My heart wonders tis he for real?

as He than said.. 
Yes.. Baby.. 
I am.. for real..
Twas as if
He could read my mind

as My heart skipped a beat
His heart tis ever so sweet 
Tis as if He is God Sent
as God Wills