Written by: Nola Perez

  (Mickey D's, Winter Haven FL)

Fanciest McD's you ever saw!
Life sized statues caught in motion,  
Marilyn, her skirts flying, Elvis, 
thrusting out his guitar in a musical
orgasm, both Blues Brothers in
black suits, ties awry --a real 
Juke Box playing, not Tommy Dorsey, 
but disco: "YMCA," "I Will survive,"
shades of my 70's sabbatical 
from marriage, reprieve from 
serial commitment.  Huge, black
workingman sits down with
his senior coffee, singing along
that he will survive, before
heaving himself out the door
to his real life.  A man, his back
to me at the napkins dispenser,
wears a Christian t-shirt, which 
reads" A Blood Donor Saved 
My Life.  The mop lady, mopping
under tables, stops to jive 
to the music, and then, there's
me, waiting in line for an
Egg McMuff, standing galvanized
under circular nightclub 
fixtures, illuminating  the ceiling, 
brighter than the early Mid-
Florida morning sun: glittering 
electric bands overhead of
Life repeats.