ravings of a PIANO PLAYER(Sad Composers say too much)

Written by: Bart Jonas

Listen to what the man has SAID
Religion is just more or less DEAD
Sir Elton is singing the BLUES
He wants to share with everyone this tragic NEWS
The conclave is not doing -HIT
"Jesus was so full of IT"
Dance to the ravings of a Honky Tonk MAN
Who likes to eat Doritos as fast as he CAN
"The World is close to wwIII-
God,I'm afraid,does nothing for ME"
Reginald DWIGHT wants to show us the LIGHT

"Throw away your Bible but put on my cd TONIGHT"

Heed the words of the Crododile ROCK:

"The Pope of Today,his messages are merely CROCK-
Embrace the new way,courtesy of Topin and ME
This is your preacher,Elton John..
many thanks to Cincinati WKRP