Written by: Nola Perez

       for Andre

Casting out my sonic deep spell to you,
dreaming over water on the opposite side 
of my ocean, you were the flip side of my coin, 
and even if sometimes, love does not last, 
one hopes to become less cynical. Romeo, 
in another incarnation, scaling the wall of my 
chaste seclusion, or rattling the shutters 
of some house  I used to live in, its north 
windows scummed over with salt and spit, 
the wind howling its dissonant script, eyeball
to eyeball with the sea, Lovers we were 
in past lives the seers say, and we are ending 
now.  No more preceding me like a young prince, 
will you place your cloak to soften the steps 
to the pedestal from which my head flew grinning, 
spitting final syllables, or, leaping to your feet 
will shout to save this Salem sorceress.
Guinevere to your Arthur, did I merit your 
trust, if indeed I am your idea, or any-
one's idea  of who I was yesteryear, 
and  will be tomorrow?