Victory in Jesus

Written by: Star Light

He sure takes care 
of me and you
Choice is ours.. 
Now is the time
to choose... 
or lose.. 

Come to Jesus
Victory is yours
for He gave his life 
for you and me
to be Eternally Reborn...

Jesus Blood was shed
His life he gave
Redeemed a pathway
for us all to be saved
Sets us free... for all Eternity.. 

Now is the time
to make up your mind
before it is too.. late
and you find yourself
at the pearly gates...
wanting to get in.. 

Come to Jesus
This is not pretend
As some I seen.. 
I not understand
How could they turn away
From God's Glorious Love
Life without End....

some pretend... not know a thing
some even surprising choose
to let time slip by.. 
are you like that too???

Don't hesitate..
For your life is at stake..
For where are you going to live???
When life here is gone...
Come to Jesus
His Unconditional Loving arms

God has His Reasons
For you to read my write.. tonight
God has Great plans for you..
Faith... Love is real in sight..
Victory is in Jesus... 
He is ours for ever... 

Choice is yours...