Unicorn magic

Written by: Seren Roberts

Why are the bees singing
As from flower to flower go.
Why have they lost their sting?
Only the Unicorn will know
Cos he magicked it so.

Loves to play with the garden,
Watching the daisies dance.
See the water fountainĀ 
Jump, twirl and prance
As though in the myriad trance.

The grass is growing curly
As though the roller made it so.
The worm gets up so early
to watch the Unicorn show.
Laughs, when he start to glow.

A Unicorn is a magician without a hat,
neverĀ a dull moment thats true.
The children would be ever gobsmacked
Watching to see what you'll do,
Just wish there were two.

Penned April 4 2013