Just so you'll know, I'll always care

Written by: Ashley Humes

Letting you go will be 
the hardest thing I'll 
ever have to do
I know this because 
just thinking about it, 
makes my heart fall 
slowly, silently yet 
freely to the floor
Only to break into 
small pieces I've yet 
figured out how to put 
back together again

It's quite selfless 
many would say, but 
I've got no shame in 
saying that I love you 
more than I'll probably 
love myself
No shame in saying 
that I'd gladly fall from 
the face of this earth 
to save you

Just so you'll see the 
sunrise then set, so 
you'll feel 
the rain fall upon your 
head during the next 
But most of all just so 
you'll know I'll always 

-Ashley Humes
February 2, 2013