the mungo hipster

Written by: andrew delapruch

remember these rich kids
who moved from downtown 
after the towers fell,
out into the uncharted territories of
Bushwick & those regions of
Brooklyn, which had once been
lined with 3 story houses (or fewer)
& whose skyline one could
see over,
when stores, music venues &
cheeseball clubs were
closer to the exception than the rule,
when there were genuine poor people
who dressed the way that they could
when these mungo hipsters
didn’t plague the land like the
rats that come squealing out from
beneath the garbage bags piled up 
outside their loft buildings,
remade factories, which now serve
as high income palaces
with the guise of low income &
the sprawl of fake-poor in the land of

these hipsters would bump from
thrift store to thrift store,
shopping with mommy & daddy’s money
(now safe from the downtown “terrorist
in order to look like they were straight from
the 1970’s, like corduroy everything
was somehow a part of the 21st century,
like sideburns were the way of the
parading with pocketbooks full of cash
which would allow them to frequent the
sushi bars that had sprung up or
pop from expensive café to expensive café
without a second thought 
about the same exact dream that they all had
from the white picket fences in the suburbs of
bumble**** wherever,
to transplant themselves into the 
dumpster diving 
“soul” searching
snot nosed brats
that lit the fuse for gentrification
all over what used to be