Only his, unjustifiable thoughts

Written by: Delilah Ventura

Believing in him was, an unjustifiable thought
A thought, I should of left in the clouds
But if I had one wish, I would dance
Letting thunder and rain, teach him a lesson

Hoping the stars, would shine his soul
While I close my eyes, and dance
Bringing the sun, out of his heart
Giving him, what true love is about
Teaching him, true meaning of respect
As, I rake the thorns out his blood
Showing him, what his body, was made for
For I shall not be, that last thorn
Love stories is, not in need

I already see, trying to believe 
His dreams, our dreams, aren't dreams
There unjustifiable thoughts
Thoughts of ignorance, stupidity, with senselessness meaning

He holds my hand and danced under rain,  catching the romanticism 
I no longer need or want, catch this love, baby please
Take it all, romanticism, I set him free
Enter his soul, for this pain is his
Not mine

Release his personalities, within his soul
Give him room, for what I give
My ice is froze, ice freezing cold
Feel the story under my skin, screaming for
What isn't there, just isn't there
Only his, unjustifiable thoughts

Delilah Ventura