It's wicked U know

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

Its wicked the way you make me feel about you
My mind taken, twisted, to never undo
Visions like my dreams so wild and free
A place, if u want, pleasure make believe

Stranger, a man with a username and face
No need for personal details just a 2D space
Be what, see what and talk what you want
The letters from the keys rise up to taunt

A place with whom the strangers devulge
All things worldly, naughty and nice
Luring curiosity, tempting you to taste
A dialogue thats raw, not for faint hearted

Here there are no delays of time and place
The world can join in at their leisure and pace
What you get is what you invest, dont expect
It's not that giving, maybe sacrifice your soul

One thing is for sure, it will rape your mind
A new experience that you will accept or deny
Shared with strangers, secrets and artificial lives
STOP!.....there is no gossip and certainly no spies

Released from their reality, the uncertainty they see
A global village where people want to feel free
To express, have no regrets and know secrets kept
It's wicked you see, what that space knows about me!