Sowing Precious Love

Written by: Star Light

Soaring through the sky above
Sowing God's Precious Love 
With Golden Wings 
Angels... Fly
Precious Love is given
From deeep inside

Far and Wide
Hearts within Souls
Comes' Alive.. Everywhere
Beholding Tender-love 
Treasures on High

Glorious Divine Love
Embedded within hearts
Priceless and Divine
Jesus "Christ
Our Savior
Yours and Mine

God is.. 
SOooo... Divine
Come quickly 
Be saved.. Born-again
While there is still time...

Moments here
Shall pass away
But God's Divine Word
With His Precious Love
Always Shall Stay

Come to Jesus.. For He Is: 
The Truth.. The Life.. The Way

I want to Address: my write
I am Inspired by God Almighty
and also want to give Recongnition
 inspired by Precious Beloved Poet;
Man of Christ- jl sadberry "Jasper"