Pearls Before Glass

Written by: Yvonne Evanoff

Behind the facade, angry gnashing of white,
Eyes filled with hatred as they flash past the plea,
Locking steel shovels powered by thew and by might,
Throw love's trust like freed pearls into the night sea.

The fiend, altered in form, while its rage to her known, 
Now desperately trying, his guilt to conceal, 
Whispers of innocence to lambs he now moans, 
As she buckles beneath the contempt they all feel.

As the gavel meets ice, the truth finally sown,  
Stained glass cuts deeper than glass with no zeal,
No longer hidden, the wounds he must own, 
But God will call forth the harvest to heal.

She prays her bruised heart will never grow cold, 
Looking forth to a time of deep sorrow with dread, 
If this hardship she faces brings glory untold,
Dare she ask it be given another instead?

YLE   Feb 2011