Written by: Sidney Beck


Oxydimwits  believe  in lovers slimming with diet  cheeseburgers

Oxybuffoons  ask in the supermarket for water lite for their girlfriend

Oxyfools    are   cowboys riding after a herd of mavericks to prove their love

Oxyidiots   believe that if we’re drunk   we don’t need condoms.

Oxycretins  think  their girl-friend will say – ok just wipe your nose on your sleeve

Oxymorons  think that the marriage is null-and-void if the shotguns were not loaded

Boxymorons are morons with rather squat shapes to love like Naomi Campbell

Foxymorons have rather sexy shapes like Barry White

Moxymorons  are very brave morons willing to have a reunion party of all hubby’s  ex-lovers

Poxymorons  are diseased morons, with Herpes Simplex, or even Herpes Duplex 

Soxymorons are Boston baseball fan morons judging a man by the size of his bat