Love She Now Can Ill Afford

Written by: Yvonne Evanoff

Love she now can ill afford 
And strength, her pride won't borrow, 
She finds no crime in letting go, 
Of dreams knit with her sorrow.

Her fire is but a ghostly glow, 
Void of the will to try, 
It calls out from her breaking heart, 
As life goes racing by. 

The heart though bruised is beating still, 
And Hope bids pain farewell, 
Discernment gained in battles lost, 
Now reason for each swell, 

To where does youth retreat with love, 
When time has met with pain? 
Does loneliness replace the fear, 
And anger the disdain? 

Met with morning each day finds end, 
On promises anew, 
With mourning shall each teardrop fall, 
And bid them both adieu.