A little about me

Written by: Micah Smith

I'm filled with inspiration,
standing tall with pride,
I never walk in the shadows because I do not wish to hide,
many tell me I cant but I still believe,
if I surpass every hurrdle I will achieve,

I'm not bashful I have an open personality,
but I'm also aware of life's reality,
so I'm not to loose and not up tight,
I stay in the space in the middle called "just right",

In life for my education its a hard fight,
always ask questions, take advice and study all night,
I must not leave any space for failure,
I want a family some day and they must be safe and secure,

My heart is big, my spirit is strong and stands firm like a post,
I'm meek and humble i never like to boast,
I try to lift people's hearts and mines,
its like everyone i meet our souls intertwines,

I love talking to people rich or poor,
even sick people, I pray everday for them to find a cure,
I love church I love God,
If I'm lying let me be called a fruad,
Its plain and simple a cross the board,
I'm One of few peole who wants the whole world to be on one accord.......