Ancient Strokes

Written by: Izzy Gumbo

forgive me master
while you at your desk
took private your thoughts

i dared trespass...
approaching silent
i slipped your mind
in the rays of sun
i came from behind

the master
and I at his desk
...forgive me...

Ancient stokes do see
hands on the brush
playing cards of kanji
writing on my skin
in the After of Life
blood of my ken
saying Time...
comes twice

this is the wHere
ink knotted to ice

I saw the cobbler
fixing his shoes
and a chef was shot
but he knew it was true
three men smoking
knew this too
then a baby cried
in the heart of dogfen
and grandmothers dyed
turning boys to men
into Dragon's den
bare feet in streets
sleeping curbside then

"... we're all in ..."
said the Master's pen...

"Hot hot!..... oh!"
it's the Master's plot!
know! from my neck
it was writ! to show!
show the scrit
of the deck! it's true!

shhh... he said then
"...the card dealt, is u..."