To my comments....

Written by: Delilah Ventura

I'm so sorry I wrote late
I appreciate all my comments
I wish, my comments could be
Be supper, supper...

I'm a mother raising five
Wrote my first book, very proud 
Boy that book took some work
Even got deleted, from it's brain
The day I went, to play
Writing forty thousand words, in four days
That's a big cloud

Man I know, I made a lot of mistakes
Oh, well 
I just hope, it sells
This autobiography so true
One to bring many, on their knees

Then , I wanted my poems
I wanted these web-sites
I wanted the world to know my talent
But, but 

It's so hard to say,
When I saw the mistakes in my first book
I wanted to grab a hook
Determine on walking away
Until the day I saw my comments

Comments from many, I don't know
Many reading my poems
Feeling my thoughts
Looking inside
Showing me , my pride

This pride as a writer
Hoping for the best
The best in my writing
The best of me
The me, hiding behind this screen

Hiding my thoughts
Afraid to, write my comments
Until the day
I sat a read
Read all my comments

Realizing I'm touching many souls
Understanding,  we all make mistakes
But,  if you mean it from the heart
Feel it in your soul
You shall let go
Let go of this fear
In this fear to write

Write these comments to all
Have this poem in your eyes
So you may feel 
Feel my apologies, for a late comment
A comment sent to you....