Your tease....

Written by: Delilah Ventura

Remember me
Remember me
I am she

She  will bring you
       A tease
Nothing less, then a please
Close your eyes
Come and see
Let me be your tease

Turn on the music
Soft as can be
Sit back, relax
Watch my body move

In the art of dancing
In the candle light
Smell my roses
Petals here and there

Movement, so perfect
Red lingerie
The art in dancing
She's your, Queen
She's takin it off
Look at her go
Look at her arms

As they flow
Pass her face
Look how, she moves

So softly
Softly, to the floor

She opens wide
Those sexy, legs
Look at her
Look at her go

Baby, yes
Come to me
Shh, as she speaks

Let me kiss you
Let me kiss you
Let me ride you
Let me please you

Feel my lips, Kissin your neck
While my tongue eases, your chills
While my lips, reach your nipples
As my tongue goes down your chest
Around your belly
Your hips
Yum, um

Oh, yea
Open, relax 
I'm licking
I can't resist
Let me check

One and two
Now up, I go
Let me give that, a swirl
Let me lick, lick

Better then lollipops
I can't resist
A littler faster, I go
The wetness, my mouth brings
Wow, let me slow down
Slow motion I go

Now, go with the flow
While I give you this flow
Watch my hands

Watch me play
See that cat
Kitty cat, cat
Meow, meow
Pretty, isn't she
Don't forget
About that flow
The flow on my lips
She gettin wet
Oh, yes indeed

Let me stop
Let me, get on top
This, can't stop
I forgot
I'm just, your tease
Sorry I couldn't please....