Written by: RAJ NANDY


The Graveyard stood behind the Church, 
Perhaps they are mysteriously compatible! 
Through the front door of the Church you enter, 
And with time, through the rear door you exit
and go ; 
Forever mingling with Life’s eternal flow! 

In the Church marriages are solemnized, 
New born babies are christened and baptized.
Hymns and sermons are heard on Sabbath Days ,
And people kneel down in silence to pray.
Some to repent and confess , 
To seek salvation, and are blessed! 
And when the older generation pass away ,
In the Graveyard behind, they are forever laid !

Yet amidst death, Life goes on......., -
With the peel of bells and chorus songs! 
The world of the dead is surrounded by Life ,
Our younger generations live and thrive ; 
For the Epitaph cannot bury Life’s song!!
Green grass grows around the dead, 
And trees showers their flowers from overhead !
Bouquets of roses on cold marble slabs ;
A drop of tear the fond memory sheds, 
In loss of the loved one, now in the world of
the dead! 

While Life surges, swirls and flows all around, 
As the dead lie in their graves in silence, -
without a sound! 
New Life sprouts, and memories slowly fade….. , 
The Graveyard lies in the Church’s cool shade! 

-By Raj Nandy, New Delhi .