Kathryn's Love Part V

Written by: Randall Smith

Kathryn's Beauty
Part Five

Kathryn was a beauty,
Blue eyes, deep with
Natures understanding.
She held the mystic
Secrets of her
Pagan's past unknowing.. 

The trees and springs
of life all knew her,
As she bathed.
That day...so innocent
A virgin, all agreed. 

Our Prince,
He rode his horse
That day only wishing to
Sake his thirst,
His shield was heavy
As was his heart.

Under a waterfall she
Saw him approach,
The most handsome
Man she ever seen
Was before her.

Her young breasts
So excited.
Both were so taken
That moment.
True love was
Felt from them both.

But her maidens
Made hast
And stole her away,
From the garden
And pond that day.

That night our Kathryn
Who is this man
I saw to day.
A Warrior it is plain to see.
I know he is
The man for me.....
May I speak to you
The third son spoke to his father,
In the Castle, high
On the bluffs
Over looking
The bay the 
 He protected.

My father, I ask you
To let me marry
My one true love.
Oh yes my son,
Who is this this love
Of whom you speak?

Father, her name is
Kathryn....but a young girl
In our realm.

Darkness  grew
The moment the
Lord heard her name.
No! I will not Allow it....
No explanation given.

Our young Prince
Was fallen.
His love for Kathryn...
Was forbidden.
No reasons why....

He was ordered
far off to stand guard,
Away from his love....
Our Prince did 
What he was told
In the cold,
He stood his watch
So loyal..

That night
Under a full moon,
She felt his love,
And read his cards.
All was not good 
She read that  night.
But Kathryn knew
That he was hers.
The moon was ever wrong.

Gundar Nills, the Viking King,
Landed on the Welshland shores,
Four hundred strong.
With sorrow's breath,
He waded waist deep,
Death and revenge was 
His only desire.

Villages plundered....Death and 
Destruction he bestowed..
Gundar Nills, the Viking King
Marched.... His Army victorious!

Rape and plunder
Was the day,
As Gundar the
Viking King
Ruled the day...