The New World Order

Written by: Tammy Armstrong

Freedom will now be defined as the absence of
Constraint to control, coerce, constrain or force another
Person (s) into believing what you believe.

Independence will now be defined as the forcibly enticed
State of being under the political “thumb” of another
Ruler and being “occupied” until such time as you can
Live by the rules of that occupying government.

Truth will now be what is said in the media and will
Be filtered by public relations officials. As well, there
Will be no “true” statements, unless by “true” you 
Mean, those statements believed to be true and 
Ultimately disputed even when discredited as 

Justice will now be defined as the ability to manipulate
How laws are implemented and overriding those very
Laws to make new ones based on the situation at hand.
Impartiality and fairness is now dependant on the “truth”
As mentioned above.

Religion will now be defined as any group or groups
That deem themselves to believe in an “other” and
Should be considered ignorant and brutal under all
Circumstances, unless what they believe is congruent
To what is believed by the occupying government.

                                                                      [a political thought]