True Love

Written by: Larry Belt

How do I love thee let me count the ways
Well you're not fat and that's always a plus
You don't lie, steal or pick your nose
And I've never heard you cuss

You can cook, clean and wash my clothes
You can even build a fire
And everytime I've had a  flat
You even changed my tire

You still have all your teeth
And you don't keep them in a glass
When summertime comes you fire up the grill
And of course you cut the grass

When your mother comes you lock the door
A woman after my own heart
If I'm taking a nap when the game comes on
You tell me when it starts

You never complain about the toilet lid
No matter if it's up or down
You never wake me to say, "You're snoring"
You simply put up with the sound

Women like you are hard to find
They're straight from Heaven above
I wouldn't trade you for anything
For I know I've found True Love