Written by: Nicole Bissell

forever you will hold my heart
as you lay beneath the ground
yesterday was full of laughter
promises spoken into night
loving words and hearts brimming
late one day you stole my heart
now forever there you'll live
my love still freely given
many have cried and now it's my turn
you stole a piece no one could touch
my heart was yours, my love was true
now I laugh at the dreams and memories
tomorrow i will have to wake
I'll cry and say a word to you
but tonight I'll have these words
and in my dreams we'll meet
we'll talk and laugh
maybe someday we'll say goodbye
but for tonight we'll just love
yesterday was bright and full of love
tomorrow is always new and fresh
my tears I've cried
and my heart laid bare
tomorrow I'll sing my song
and for you I'll cry
deep beneath the ground you lay
but in my heart you always live