Can we be?

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

And there was a skunk in the garden that proclaimed I am the rose, but surely he was not 
and his odor was fowl to smell and they all avoided him.

And then there was a snake in the garden that too did proclaimed that he too was the rose, 
but neither was he a rose and he did hiss and slither away on his bell and they did all despise 
him and avoided him. 

And there also in the garden was a Lion that did proclaim too that he was indeed the rose, 
but he too was not and he roared and snarled and they did fear him too and avoided him the 

And there in the garden too was a monkey that also saw himself as a rose or so he too did 
proclaim, but most assuredly he was not either and he still mimic all that he saw and they all 
did laughed at him and did avoid him as well.

And then there in the garden was the flower and he did desire to be the skunk, the snake, 
the Lion and the monkey, but it too could not be for it smelled too good and was too beautiful 
and was sought after by all in the garden and God smiled and said to the rose, “You are what 
you are and just what I made you to be.”