The Perhaps Pursuit

Written by: Johnathon Souders

Excuse me ,,,,,,,yes,
green-eyes and uninterested.
I saw you again last night,
this time shmoozing with gallery clic trendies.
We have met many places,
the places I haunt.
I've witnessed you amongst the smell of particle-oak shelves,
and drying paper.
Another was a dimly-lit caffeine-injection clinic.
Each time.
You froze my eyes.
A strong feminine alternative pin-up.
The elegance with a "in your face" attitude.
Your hair has always been different
perhaps, I'm sure different in color.
Your facial features are a unique intoxicant,
different from the fake and common.
Nose, longer, shorter.
Eyebrows, full or thin.
But you intimidate me.
I've stumbled around you
G.Q.-hesitant-improvisation, insecure rantings.
If these puzzles pieces were not forced
If you only caught me , confident.
Which sometimes happens, perhaps.
I could have wowed you with me-isum.
Comically worded dances
For the payment of your smiles.
I'd rant to your ears
For to see your eyes.
We Perhaps
Would be, who of what each is.
AHH...wishful bliss.
So I will see you,
Perhaps, I'm not sure