Written by: Johnathon Souders

Taking a lazy.
After printing the coins
kicking shoes, grabbing the bic.
A slowdrag
sit looking for the peaceful.
With blacklung.
Among pillows and Christmas lights
taking a lazy.

Oh,, The rolling of stones.
Events of the rock slide.
All Semsara head feed
But the Joy of the drag.
All float with the smoke.
Exhaling a poignant sigh.
A slowdrag.
Soulful, smokefilling.
Hearing a doctor"s whisper to action.
Ignoring at present.

Light, Inhale, Pause, Exhale. 
Sit hoping it ment something
when early rise, late-fall day system.
Going to, moving towards
home again jigity jig.
Inhale, pause, Exhale.
Taking a lazy.