Written by: Steven McMorrow

Screaming and dying, running and hiding.
Now you're crying, for Death is riding.
God has spoken, I have no say.
Now I'm chokin, this is my final day.
The death toll, grows ever higher.
I've lost my soul, to the highest buyer.
Right now is killing time, can you escape.
Now hear Death's rhyme, for your soul we rape.
I feel the rage, as blood starts to pour.
You turn the page, as I beg for more.
Now I'm gone, do you feel the pain?
Can you move on, or does this drive you insane?
Can you feel the mercy, take you by the hand?
Or do you spit on me, from where you stand?
Darkness, my eyes are forever bleeding.
This wasteland filled with horrid starkness, this pain I'm not needing.
Breathe for me, so I see the sorrow.
Kill me slowly, there is no tomorrow.
Once again the same thing on your mind, hatred...
I can now find, the horrors you did.
Fighting once more, only making things worse.
You left me so sore, with your final curse.
Now all your acts, have finally been repaid.
How do you react, when it's your turn to be afraid.