Season miracle

Written by: sandy schermerhorn

Okay so here we are again the holiday season upon us approaching and an end to another 
Most people are happy and children filled with such Christmas cheer
For me in my present times my emotions for the season just can't be sincere
My kids are so far out of state and they won't be here
The man I'm deeply in love with isn't near
While most are hungry for a traditional Christmas dinner and pumpkin pie
I'm here forcing myself not to and will not allow myself to cry
It's his eyes that I need to gaze so lovingly into, that is for what I'm famished
The years apart and the miles between us never caused our love in any way to diminish
Holding my kids tightly is something I miss so much
Oh how I wish they were here so I could see their sweet smiling faces and such
All I see upon closing my eyes is my reaching out to them, and them reaching back to me, I 
long so badly for each and everyone of their touch
So while people are listening to the church bells ringing
Carolers that go door to door with their Christmas songs that they will be singing
And to the New Year everyone soon will be in their homes and hearts bringing
I'll be right here wishing on a miracle or two
It could happen you know and something good is just bound to happen soon
I keep my faith, and I open my heart, soul, and mind up and try very hard everyday in 
every way to keep right on pushing through
I want to wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and a very Happy 
New Year to all of you
God Bless each and everyone may all your dreams come true