The birth of a Poet

Written by: Pramod Rastogi

"This Romeo is bleeding, but you don't see his blood", My heart has come barren It has not rained spring for long, Thirsty for a loving embrace Taste I can only a strand Of its shadow in my dreams, Separated I have been With my love for long. My glass has gone empty, I beg you, fill it with more, Each drop of nectar Brightens up my eyes amorous, Adding to my desire for her, Beckoning me for more. Lost in dreams of my love To my heart's content do I drink To breathe in vibrancy and intensity Into a newly born poet's heart, Who in his ruin and solitude unseen With eyes bloodshot red And in tears Outpours reams of compositions poetic On the love tender, yet tormented, He has for her in his heart.
This Romeo is bleeding, but you don't see his blood - Bon Jovi - Always