Written by: Line Gauthier

Where I come from
It’s dark and quiet
Eleven months of the year
Then one fine day
Everything changes
All of a sudden
It’s bright and snowing
And I come to life
After a long hibernation
I love to see my old friend
Elf sitting on the shelf
Right next to a lit-up tree
He never says much
I don’t even know if he has a name
He just wears his big silly grin
Probably happy to see me
I have another friend
A human boy who
Comes to visit me
Funny thing…
Every single time
There’s a series of 
Sudden snowstorms 
He brings his eyeball
Really close to me
Scares me a little
But I don’t let on
I grin and bear it
I just stay very quiet
Then he moves on
Soon enough the time rolls
Around again for hibernation
I can always tell it’s coming
It’s shortly after mad chaos
The house at full capacity
There’s music and a huge feast
Followed by calling out names
And giving of glittery boxes
Shouts of joy by young and old
Singing dancing till all hours
I get so tired just watching them
That I’m ready for a good long sleep
Until next december rolls around

Submitted on November 19, 2019, for contest STUCK IN A CHRISTMAS GLOBE sponsored by BOBBY MAY  -  RANKED 2ND