Santa's ride with the reindeers

Written by: douglas pederson

Old Saint Nick was mean on Christmas eve
his reindeers were tired and quite deceived
he wanted to get home so the gifts were heaved
 reindeers now were all  really peeved.  

they were quite ready to rock ‘n’ roll
they sneered and said what a pathetic soul
Mrs Claus commented, ‘you’re home early to the pole”
he replied “all the kids were bad so I just dropped some coal”

 She replied “those poor little children will be so sad”
“you ruined their spirit and I bet you’re glad”
“”I’m sure all of them were not that bad”
“you sure must be crotchety  and mad”

The reindeer gathered to make a pay back
when he comes to the shop  we’ll grab his sack
dump him in and then give him a whack
Rudolph will lead as he knows the track

We’ll dash away when the moon’s a glow
let him grumble in the sleigh we tow
over the rooftops all covered with snow
reindeers galloped without a whoa.
“and to all a goodnight”