You May Yet Make Your Blessed Choice

Written by: Robert Lindley

You May Yet Make Your Blessed Choice

As old man woke, empty room spoke
silence cried, you have yet to die,
mortal flesh is your chaffing yoke
deepest regret your fallen cry!

Fight no more, let love its gems pour
rise to eager stand, see dawn's birth,
with its light, take hold and thus score
divine bounty of your true worth!

Old man, your deep cut heart needs love
just as sure as water is wet,
such sweet blessings are from above
have faith, such treasures you shall get!

Walk this bright morn, let its voice speak
with true purpose set - you were born,
with grateful heart you must Light seek
to heal heart and soul badly torn!

Old man, listen to this true voice
time waits for no dithering man,
you may yet make your blessed choice
saying, yes truly live I can!

Robert J. Lindley, 11-02-2019
Rhyme, ( Whether in our dreams or by invisible voice, truth oft comes )

Note: Inspired by my reading of the wonderful poem titled, 
"A Voice In The Wilderness" , written by Harry Horsman.
As while reading that poem's first stanza, the first stanza
of this poem came to me in a flash. Harry my friend, you
have my sincere thanks for the gift you have given.