Written by: Carla ingram

Family bond is strong like glue
Holding the links together from me to you

Family bond is saying "I Love You", and I"ll be here for you
Inspite of what we have gone or may be going through

Family Bond is not putting each other down
Therefore when we see each other, our greeting should come with a warm smile,not a snarling frown

Family bond will last forever if we put and keep God first
He is the way, regardless of all evilness on the earth

Family bond is praying for each other no matter what is going on
Trust and believe that God will help us all stay strong

Family bond is respecting one another no who you are
Whether you are young or old,even those amongst the stars

Family bond will survive the bumps in the road
We need to be there always, through the storm or the cold

A family bond is not the Big I's or the Little U's
It is about coming together in unity, the way God wants us to do