Written by: Lyn Grice

Do you know what I'm sick of?
Expected to live this picture perfect life
My life is not a post card
I do not own a picket fence
And if I did it would probably be black
And broken 
But that's ok
sometimes my life can be terrifying 
I spent 36 years trying to be someone I'm not
Waiting for the Pat on the head of approval i never got
What is it that I'm doing so wrong ?
Why is it that my efforts are never quite enough ?
So one day I decided 
No more
My heart is good and my soul is kind
This will help me sleep at night
An overachiever my whole life 
But who for ?
Who am I trying to impress ?
It wasn't me 
Because all that ever did was make me miserable 
So I've dropped the act and this is now me
If you don't like it then it's fine 
I seek no ones approval but my own
You see I wasn't acting before
That timid girls still in there 
But she deserves some peace
To know that she's enough 
Not for anyone else 
But she's enough for me