My November Twinkle Fairy

Written by: Lu Loo

November, November, o how I remember,
        how Starlight transformed me into a beautiful ember.
Light of the night shines when she’s near,
        for she must not fear the coming of December.
The ways of her magic are inspiring and clear.

        Long auburn hair with curls all over,
deep emerald eyes like a four-leaf clover. 
        Wings of satin flutter to meet her fairy mate.
Even though last time he drove her-
        her way is quicker to meet up for the date. 

Her pixie dust floats into far off seas,
        it sprinkles and twinkles in the breeze
like moondust glimmering; softly glowing-
        dwelling in a nest deep in the forest trees,
she gathers nourishing seeds for sowing.

O, Starlight my twinkle fairy, please always remember-
how you transformed me into a 
        beautiful ember in November.


Date - October 31, 2019
Sponsor - Caren Krutsinger
Contest - November Twinkle Fairy