The Eye of The Beholder

Written by: ZoZo Blundell

Everyone tells her she's beautiful,
Smart, kind and funny
She hears these words all the time
Like a silent killer with no soul
No value, no power, only empty words
That society has carved and recreated
For their own purpose
The creator of her reasons,
why she can't comprehend or even understand
That she's a beauty to their eye
Because every time she sees a mirror
She's caught by her reflection
She dresses up and primps her hair
But in the end, come only muddled tears
Wishing for perfection
Clenching her fists and grinding her teeth
She’s trying so hard to hold back her rage
Dashing to her bedroom weeping
She can't take the torture anymore
As she collapses onto the floor
All she wanted was a brighter smile
And different colored hair
Hating her body, nose, and feet
The only words she can hear are, “it’s not fair”
She doesn't talk to many boys
And she's not popular at school
She's praying for attention
And wishing she was cool
You think she's very happy
Buts that's all fiction you see
Her sorrow and insecurities
Are hidden by disguise
Melancholy and jealousy are
Invariably symptoms
Of neurotic insecurity
Her words trap her in a metal kingdom
Bound to sit and think, she thinks a lot
And revisits her past
She remembers when she was little
And her life was crystal-like glass
But now it's as clouded as steam
And back then, when no one was mean
It didn't matter how you dressed or looked
Yet it's so tough to be a teen but,
Times change and she realized the truth
Her past was only a shell she was peeling off.
With courage, she stands up on her bedroom tiles
She looks into the mirror once more and sees
She's a broken girl in a broken world forced to mock a smile