The True Definition of a Teacher

Written by: Lu Loo

What is the true definition of ‘teacher’? “an educator who helps others acquire knowledge, competence and virtue; teaches how to perform specific tasks” So, who then do I choose as my favorite teacher?
Honestly, I don’t remember many teachers in school, for it was my sister who taught me the golden rule. Helped me with math homework every night, making sure I knew how to add and subtract right. She even was my inspiration when I began to write. Because of her I decided softball was my sport. She’d be cheering on the bench; always did support. Encouraging me to be better than I was back then, school years became harder, but she’d teach me again. Now she is my muse, why my heart picks up my pen. When I was bullied she taught me how to walk away. For she was ridiculed for years because she was gay. An inspiration to see her fight through persecution, teaching me that ignorance is never the solution. When wronged forgiveness is the only contribution. She educated me in ways a teacher never could, is the reason why I create art with nails and wood. When she passed my heart stopped beating too, because of her soul I know things I never knew- my favorite teacher, my sister…because of her I grew. October 20, 2019 Favorite Teacher or Professor Poetry Contest Chantelle Anne Cooke