Hello Bad Boys


Hello Bad Boys!

The starry, twilight zone high above, this night
With it’s shooting stars, and the moon, so bright,
Looked heavenly, even Venus, was in sight,
It was clear, could see far and beyond
Across every mountain, ocean and pond!
Echo Man needs my help, I look
In the mirror, irresistible, I’m a delight!
Fire Ball boldly steps out into the dark,
Her brilliance, here on earth has
Made It’s mark !
Echo Man’s super hero skills in communication,
To his planet and soldiers, crosses all
Boundaries of inter galactic telecommunication,
It’s  ziiiiiiing however, deafens those near 
But reaches Planet Mars!
The prison guards lay on the ground dazed,
Immobilized by Fire Ball but don’t seem fazed,
She grabs the keys, poor earthling men,
That you succumb to such dazzling beauty,
I’m only a woman but daring and bolder!
Fire Ball throws Echo Man the keys, he opens
The prison doors, and with his mind
Bends the prison bars,
This superhero from Mars!
And so Fire Ball and Echo Man are re-united
They were fleetingly delighted!
But at the exit stand Bad Heroes Scorpion Sting,  
Guiltless and Midnight Raven,
Hello Bad Boys – what brings you 
here this night?
We want to take over Earth they said
You are in our way
You are unable to dissuade, win or sway,
Us, you will lose this fight
For with us lies great might!
Fire Ball looks right through them 
With fire in her eyes,
The Bad boys put up their shields, they know
They have heard that her beauty fries,
And bedazzles any man, even a super hero,
She will reduce to zero!
Scorpion Sting has a tiny tail 
That pierces with poison,
First the unfortunate humans are frozen,
Then die a miserable slow death!
Midnight Raven’s razor sharp beak 
Goes through two men deep
Finally they take their last breath!
Guiltless has a heart of stone,
Will kill for fun,
It’s a game for him, displays 
No compassion
Or, even a touch of emotion!
And of course Midnight Raven 
Loves working at night not during the day,
For then is as blind as a bat,
An absolute fact!
His night vision though is extreme,
And his muscled five pack body a dream!
He can see Paris from New York 
And vice versa.
Guiltless, Scorpion Sting and Midnight raven,
Are ready to fight,
No sweat bad boys, Echo Man replies
Will soon have help from the skies in heaven,
These bad boys were inhumane and brazen!
No sooner did Echo Man say this, 
Angel Face, Tidal Wave and Wacky Joe,
Arrive, out of the bright blue skies
We took a short cut, past bright dazzling stars
They said, stopped by at Mars for instructions.
Then began our earthbound flight,
Dodged many meteors and debris in sight, 
Our Galaxy which includes Planet Earth
Indeed has a very wide 
Circumference, length and girth!
So here we have an army of light 
Who never wished any malice or harm,
Wanted to make friends with Planet Earth 
And the Bad Boys,
Ready to fight earthlings!
We have to fight for this Planet,
What they did to me, dammit,
Was from sheer
Ignorant unadulterated fear!
A battle ensues
Frightfully sad,
Each bad boy an absolute cad,
They fight fiercely and dirty, but no match for
The good guys,
More Super Heroes arrive Galactic Warrior and 
Celestial Calm both fierce warriors who fight
For the good, and the light
Will eliminate the bad, in this wicked fight!
Humans have gathered and are cheering 
The Super Heroes who come from 
Mars and Venus, 
Humans no longer them fearing,
But don’t like the bad boys from 
Planet Jupiter!
Both sides have casualties 
The warriors from Mars few,
But the Bad bays know they have lost,
Don’t want to face an embarrassing situation 
Or defeat, which seems due!
So they fly up into the sky, past the Milky Way
And disappear, they know they are no match
Against Mars and Venus, one day there 
Will be a rematch!
The USA President is called, he approaches 
Echo Man with extended hand,
We welcome you to our land
The two leaders become bosom pals,
And the locals
Become relaxed!
Echo man looks much like us humans
Only ears and nose far pointier, not Fire Ball
Her plastic surgeon made her look like us!
She spots a soldier in the crowd 
Lowers her eyes, and demurely 
Takes his hand and they walk far away,
To find a bundle of hay,
She had freed her man from prison bars,
But humans looked cuter than men from mars!
She will one day persuade him to go with her
To Planet Venus,
She had chosen her mate,
This was her Super Hero’s fate!