Sea of Collateral Carnage

Written by: Freddie Robinson Jr.

See the human debris,
the scattered limbs torn apart
by shrapnel velocity

In so many Third World places,
the second-hand groan grafters
commit mercantile murder
in the first degree

Time encapsulated buried hatred
leech covetously
Flooding the colonial lands with booby-trap misery
Tick-tock waves of disfigurement crimes 
against humanity

Collateral damage seep in deadpool faces ...
dark moral cavities,
where maimed charity bleeds

Mental scarlet stains of pain
are strewn everywhere
Empty eye sockets are separated
by full-metal piercings

Observe the void spaces between desensitized ears:
Lynch pinheads be blunt instruments 
using indiscriminate force — 
Spreading teary shattered hopes of detached fears

Awaken numb senses
to the non-negotiated reality
of prosthetic dreams

Dry sea of grief ... 
landmine of crimson carnage
Deathly halt feelings collect the debt
paid by the broken living pieces 

Why is there only morphine comfort
in hidden swaths of shame,
where phantom limb emotions
have metallic waves of saline releases?