Forty Years of Reflection

Written by: Lu Loo

How can it be I’m turning forty, time feeding its way toward ‘morrow- I remember times I’d sit and pour tea sipping away yesterday’s sorrow; I knew not joy I could borrow. Now I see the delicacy life provides. She gives and takes and then awakes hope within my heart as it guides. I’ve bestowed love, made many mistakes, but I’ve realized (finally) what it takes. One minute here; next gone- When days shorten with more sleep needed. From eventide’s memories to dawn, I know in life I have succeeded. Compassion in my heart I have deep seeded. The value on life reaches no wealth, no mount is too high to cease the day- May we focus on happiness and good health, for harmony in your soul is the only way. Embrace memories, share laughter- pray. October 6, 2019 HERE ONE MINUTE, GONE THE NEXT Poetry Contest Line Gauthier