Good Night Sweet Dreams

Written by: Kenneth R. Jenkins

in memory of Ellie M. Jenkins

We said good night for a spell, 
As you start your journey onward,
And the darkness soon fell,
Then the moon soon rises
Rising upward high.

Suddenly you slipped away in sweet rest,
Into another slumber and sleep
As the Good Master takes your hand
For He knows what's best
As the rising moon is up high.

What words can I truly express
From my heart and through soaked filled tears
Not words to kill the pain
Or ease my fears
But words to quietly say to you.

Don't let these tears fool you
Don't let these tears quietly kill you softly
Don't let these skies so blue
As you look up and see
Angels all around to welcomes you home.

Family be strong
Family continues to love 
Like never before and remember as long
As you keep that love once shared
Place it in your heart forever.

And now dear
It's time to depart.
Time is so near
Yet not to far in our hearts
As we say goodnight not goodbye,
But sweet dreams my dear and good night.

Goodnight to you and we'll see you soon.....

15 Sept. 2019